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On our President and my son on Owen’s 17th birthday.

President Trump potentially mocking a reporter with a physical disability.

This is our President, mocking a person with a disability not unlike the disabilities my child has. This was a strategy used during the primary and campaign which helped Donald J. Trump win the 2016 election. Well, that and the fact that the DNC has an innate ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Unlike the journalist who's physical disabilities are are being derided, Owen is not fortunate enough to have the cognitive capacity for employment (not even as a CEO) but it’s good to know how the world would see him if he were out around the rest of you; you know just in case I forget next time I’m changing his diaper and wiping the shit out of his pubic hair for the second or third time on any given day.

Side note: having someone else wipe your ass seems like it's the primary qualification to run a Fortune 500 company; well that and an MBA from Columbia, or is that redundant? I'm telling you, Owen could do this. But I digress.

Of course, in our current era of “alternative facts”...

Welcome to the world of truthiness
How is this even a fucking thing?

... there's a chance that I'm wrong here. It couldn't be possible that the skipper of a nation as grand as ours, perhaps the most noble and awe-inspiring human endeavor ever, could have a leader so small; so petty; so needlessly cruel? Could it?

I'm good at being wrong. Some would even say it's a gift that I have. I'm willing to concede that perhaps what I’m seeing with my own two eyes isn't accurate.

Here’s an article from a group that acts in the name of Jesus Christ telling me that our President’s actions are exactly how Christ would respond to criticism have been misinterpreted:

Catholics 4 Trump article about how Trumps actions were not mocking a person with a disability.
Is this site satire? Is this an Onion or Beaverton thing? This doesn't sound like the Catholics that I know and the ones that I find inspiration in like Saint Francis and Father Pflager. Are we both post-truth and post-satire in 2020?

And here's a secular resource assuring me that I'm wrong:

Collectively, our nation may find my son contemptible and worthy of mockery; in this stark reminder of what it means to Make America Great Again know that I love him with all of my heart. I bear this testimony for you, Owen Lorne. Happy birthday, my little man.


P.S. Does anyone else remember that time that screaming into a microphone cost Howard Dean a presidential primary? peppridge_farm_remembers_meme.jpeg

P.P.S. God are you there? It's me, in the denim jacket. Are you receiving my prayers through the noise and cosmic static? God are you there? Can you confirm i'm on the right goddamn planet?!?

1 Blog 3 Goals: 1. A Constitutional amendment overturning Citizen's United | 2. Abolish the Electoral College | 3. Reinstate Glass-Steagall. We. Can. Do. This.


  1. The willful ignorance of those who disregard Trump's BS is an absolute mystery to me. I don't get it. Everything most Trump supporters accept in Trump caused them to despise Clinton. They despised Clinton so much that they've created insane and drawn-out conspiracies to show his evil. Trump has all of Clinton's morality and none of the ability to lead a country.

    It's unfortunate and sad.

    Regardless. HBD, Owen.

  2. I have always been at a loss of what to do or say about the difficulties you face. I just hope you know that our family is 100 percent behind you and able and willing to provide any assistance you may need. Love you guys and happy Birthday owen.


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