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On the horror of reality

When I was in grade-eight I went to the Red Rock Theater on Charleston... myself and bought a ticket for Rescuers Down Under with the full intention of walking into the theatre showing Total Recall . I won't tell you that this film changed my life, but there was a practical effect costume of a woman with three boobs . Okay. It changed my life. Thank you, John Carpenter. This led to finding David Cronenberg which led to a near obsession with splatter-fest horror flicks. I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched the whole Troma catalog up to 1999. Buckets of blood, check! Gratuitous violence, check! Terribly beautiful practical effects and costumes, check! Playing for $2 at midnight, check! The Night Birds, wrote a great song about this: Lyrics , if you’re interested. And, if you want to see what it’s like to play your heart out to a bunch of punks who are too cool to be a part of the art, watch th

On communication with systems of public education

Our youngest child attends Dean Allan Elementary School. A CCSD school in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dear Ms. Frasier. Yesterday, we received Elijah’s report card. Although we do have some concerns about his academic progress, we need to have a conversation about his behavioral grades. We have a child who still cares enough about these things that he cried for hours over the “N”s that he received. We are fully aware that Elijah can be and is, challenging at times, and we in no way want to excuse these behaviors, but we were unaware that our child is seen as “in need of improvement” by your staff. I want to assure you that we send the best version possible of him to you each day, and we were unaware of the label that his teachers have placed on him. Had we been collaboratively involved by the school, we would have been actively engaged in his improvement to the best of our ability. My partner and I would like to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss what support Elijah received

On our President and my son on Owen’s 17th birthday.

This is our President, mocking a person with a disability not unlike the disabilities my child has. This was a strategy used during the primary and campaign which helped Donald J. Trump win the 2016 election. Well, that and the fact that the DNC has an innate ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Unlike the journalist who's physical disabilities are are being derided, Owen is not fortunate enough to have the cognitive capacity for employment (not even as a CEO) but it’s good to know how the world would see him if he were out around the rest of you; you know just in case I forget next time I’m changing his diaper and wiping the shit out of his pubic hair for the second or third time on any given day. Side note: having someone else wipe your ass seems like it's the primary qualification to run a Fortune 500 company; well that and an MBA from Columbia, or is that redundant? I'm telling you, Owen could do this. But I digress.